Vladimir Levachyov

Vlad Levachyov graduated from the University College of Osteopathy, UCO (formerly the BSO) in 2015. He has been in private practice as well as working for the NHS, treating NHS patients in Kent over the course of 18 months.

Vlad has been interested in physical medicine and treating back pain ever since suffering himself in his late teens.

Vlad's additional qualification and further training includes courses in Sport Massage (2013), Medical Accupuncture (2015), Taping (2016), Managing Headaches (2017), Advanced Medical Accupuncture (2018), to name but a few. 

His previous qualifications (obtained from UCL) include a bachelor's degree (BEng) in Biomechanical in Engineering and Masters degree (MSc) in Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials, which focused on knee and hip replacements.
As a result, Vlad has a special interest in post-surgery rehabilitation and has had the opportunity of treating numerous post-surgery patients on the NHS (various joint replacements, spinal implants and other orthopaedic implants).

Vlad aims to give patients a deeper understanding of the anatomy as well as contributing factors to the patient's injury/presentation, giving home management advice as required, and when appropriate he employs the use of biopsychosocial model in practice.

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Vladimir Levachyov