Denzil Trebilcock

Denzil graduated from the London Foot Hospital, University College London with a BSc. (Hons) in Podiatric Medicine in 2005.

After graduating Denzil worked for the NHS where he gained all round clinical experience, diagnosing and treating a variety of foot pathologies.

In the final 2 years Denzil became the Clinical Lead in Biomechanics for a team of 25 podiatrists, treating complex musculoskeletal lower limb problems at the Lambeth PCT Foot and Ankle Centre, a specialist NHS centre.

He has a keen interest in sports related foot problems and injuries and has provided private podiatric care in Harley Street since graduating, treating complex problems for a wide range of athletic disciplines. In 2009 Denzil became the principal podiatrist for the Royal Ballet and Royal Ballet School at Covent Garden looking after all aspects of foot health for the students and dancers.

Denzil holds a license for the administration of local anaethesia in order to undertake minor podiatric surgical procedures and also holds a bachelors degree in physics from King's College London which he finds assists him on a daily basis when analysing the mechanical systems involved in human locomotion.

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Denzil Trebilcock