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Osteopathic treatment of cervicogenic headaches

By: Osteopath Vladimir Levachyov

When it comes to alleviating a headache, in my experience, the pain is routinely either badly treated or poorly controlled.

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Improve your back pain!

By: Physiotherapist Ricky Outhwaite

Back pain affects up to 85% of the population at some point in their lives. A large proportion of those people will improve over a few months, but almost half will have at least one relapse.

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Leading Podiatrists for Charlton Athletic Football Club

Proud to announce we are the leading podiatrists for Charlton Athletic Football Club - treating all the podiatry needs of the team!

With all sport, you depend on your feet to maintain and improve performance which is why it is essential to avoid injury. When injuries do occur, podiatrists can diagnose and work to overcome these problems and see you recover quickly. Podiatrists can assess your feet and recommend correct training shoes to suit your needs, provide you with exercises and training tips to help your feet, leading to enhanced performance in return.

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Chislehurst Reward Scheme

We are proud to support The Chislehurst Society and participate in the Chislehurst Reward Scheme - offering our customers 10% off treatments and sale of stock! Simply present your Chislehurst Society card to us and enjoy the benefits!

Find out more at to see what other rewards await you! #BR7LLIANTREWARDS #shoplocal 

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CLEARANAIL Fungal Nail Treatment

CLEARANAIL is a new treatment for Fungal Nail. It is the simple solution to a complex problem.

Fungal nail is the same fungal infection as Athlete's foot, which has become established under the toenail.

What is Clearanail treatment?
The Clearanail treatment produces very small micro holes through the nail based upon Controlled Micro Penetration (CMP), which allows antifungal medication to reach the infection in high concentration levels. The treatment takes half an hour on average to make the holes.

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Swift is the newest technology for treating verrucas and warts, designed to prompt the immune system for the body to heal itself. Swift provides a precise and easy way of treating skin lesions.

What is Swift Treatment?
Microwave energy gets delivered through a probe which is applied to the skin to treat the affected tissue, with treatment times lasting seconds and then subsiding.

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